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Old 1st June 2015 18:40
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Registry: Miata: 1991 BRG
Views: 6,898
Location: Rochester, NY USA
First name: Carol
Sequence number (if applicable): #1173 - loaded on board the vessel Skeena on Jan. 10, 1991, for shipment to Port Hueneme CA
Mileage: 77,305
Status: Seasonal/Collectable Use Only
Car original Window Sticker states:

Southland Mazda
201 D’Evereaux Drive
Natchez, Mississippi 39120

Ended up in PA and now in NY. I'm at least the 3rd Owner, still researching that.

Still some question on whether or not it's number #1167 or #1173. I found a small 2nd sticker with the original window sticker from a dealer in Jackson that stated #1167 Special Edition. I assumed that #1167 was the one, but wanted to confrim. Contacted Linda Price from forum and she looked up my Vin and said it states #1173

L.Price: >>>I'm puzzled about the sequence # thing also. I notice that the two cars, 1167 and 1173, were on the same ship going the same place. Maybe some sort of mixup there? To make sure, you could also try contacting Mazda - I think some people have been successful in getting their numbers from them. Or maybe the keeper of the BRG registry, Don Diget, has a different list than mine. Think his contact info is on also.<<<

So, if anyone here on Mazda Chat can give me anymore information, it would be appreciated.
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