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Old 29th March 2009 14:09
rallyestu rallyestu is offline
Junior Member
Registry: Miata: 1991 BRG
Views: 12,655
Location: El Cerrito, California
First name: Stu
Sequence number (if applicable): 2162
Mileage: 111, 476
Status: On The Road
Back in service after sitting in a yard for almost 6 years. Passed California SMOG test first try!

Have full records of prior owners, most of window sticker, original financing documents from original sale with 32 miles in the Mt. Shasta area.

Car then found its' way to Santa Cruz, and then Berkeley, California before being rescued and brough to El Cerrito, CA.

Is now enjoyed by my wife, who wanted a green car!

5 speed and looking for a BRG Hardtop!
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