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Originally Posted by Bob Hill View Post
Well I have a PhD so obviously I am all for education. If though, you can swing working fulltime and going to school I would suggest doing it that way. It is tough but it can be done - BTDT.

When I looking to hire new employees, if someone has a PhD but no real work experience I won't hire them because they are unproven in the work force. Just something to think about.
Thanks for the tip, Bob!

I hadn't thought about doing full-time work as well as more school, I was thinking part-time work/school as I'm doing now. The great thing about the program that I'm in is that the school places us where we get meaningful experience- for instance, I'm doing my Master of Public Administration and working through a contracting agency doing land use planning work for towns, counties, and I'm even doing work for the state at the moment.

As for when I get done school- I'm seriously considering teaching/professing. I really want to go into business for myself (in the automotive field, totally unrelated to anything I've studied in school) and I need something that'll allow me flexible hours, and, ideally, the summer off, while providing decent benefits and paying the bills.

Edit- answered Swivel's questions without even reading his post. Wow. I should just quit school and take a job at a psychic hotline.
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